Julian Kreimer: Coming and Going

Julian Kreimer

Coming and Going

January 25 – February 17, 2013

Opening reception January 25, 730-10pm

Stop Telling me About your Divorce, 2012, oil on linen, 24 x 24"

Stop Telling me About your Divorce, 2012, oil on linen, 24 x 24″

WEEKNIGHTS is pleased to present Julian Kreimer’s first solo show in New York, Coming and Going. For the past decade, Kreimer has been rhythmically making paintings from observation while also, at first in secrecy, painting abstractions. Coming and Going features both types of paintings, which may immediately seem vastly different in content, but when seen together relate like cousins.

Environments Kreimer finds himself amongst in transit can stop him in his tracks and later find their way into paintings. Negative space connects both types of work, whether it’s the squares formed in a chain-linked fence, or previous paintings only barely visible through newly applied layers in the abstractions.

The abstractions began as an exercise in color, not initially intended to become their own body of work, but as time went on, they started taking on aesthetic and technical qualities that the observational work, made on location, had been built upon. The paintings began informing each other, many times unknowingly at first. The muted color palette and linearity of mushrooms laid out to dry on a table can make their way into works consisting of large seemingly haphazard brushstrokes, layered and scraped away. The accuracy of color placement and representation of light in the observational paintings inform the abstractions, allowing both to exist as windows into environments either recognizable or contemplative.

Julian Kreimer is currently an Assistant Professor of Painting & Drawing/Art Theory & Criticism at Purchase College, SUNY and writes for Art in America. He has exhibited at RISD (Providence, RI), The Neuberger Museum of Art (Purchase, NY), Artists Space (New York, NY), Chelsea College of Art (London, UK), TSA (Philadelphia, PA), and Aljira Center for Contemporary Art (Newark, NJ), amongst others. He has received residencies from MacDowell and Yaddo, and has received numerous faculty and academic grants. He currently lives and paints in Brooklyn, NY.

More images and information about Julian can be found here: Julian Kreimer


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