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WEEKNIGHTS has now become Associated Gallery

ImageWe have some big news! WEEKNIGHTS is transitioning into Associated Gallery. Formerly run by Jen Hitchings in part of her rented studio space in Bushwick, Weeknights outgrew its location and potential, and needed to expand and take on more diverse exhibitions. Associated is an amalgamation of Jen Hitchings, Theresa Daddezio, and Julian Jimarez-Howard (also of Outlet Fine Art). The three artists and curatorial entrepreneurs have decided to join forces and collaboratively curate exhibitions in the same location that Weeknights has been, and on a slightly larger scale. We will emphasize exhibitions that challenge traditional notions of an art gallery, and at times intermix both visual and aural components, while showcasing emerging artists from Brooklyn and abroad.

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WEEKNIGHTS sincerely thanks all of those who have become involved with the gallery since August. Many amazing friendships and connections have been made through the art and artists who have passed through the space. We hope that all of these connections will remain strong and continue to growwith our new endeavor. Here are a few links to press we have received, and we’re still waiting for a big one: a review of Julian Kreimer: Coming and Going in Art in America!

Two Coats of Paint: Julian Kreimer’s “Coming and Going”

Bushwick Daily: WHY SO SERIOUS? Mentioned

Bushwick Daily, Editor’s Pick: Friends of Friends

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Mention on BushwickDaily: Top 3 Summer Art Galleries

Weeknights is incredibly ecstatic to be mentioned on BushwickDaily’s list of best Summer Art Galleries!!

Read about it here.

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NOT EVERYDAY | Jen Hitchings at Sunset Surf Club

Check out Sunset Surf Club the weekend of Aug. 25+26th or Sept. 1+2nd to see NOT EVERYDAY, a solo show by Jen Hitchings, director of Weeknights.

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Big Snow Buffalo Lodge & Tonight’s Shorter Hours

One of the faults of having a weeknight gallery is how many other events happen on weeknights. Tonight is a show consisting of 4 bands, 3 types of home-brewed beer by Cake Life Brewing Co. paired with gourmet cupcakes (the director of Weeknights designed one of the beer labels printed on fabric by Matt Van-Asselt who has work in Friends of Friends), a DJ, and the typical amounts of fun that exist inside the walls of Big Snow Buffalo Lodge.

The gallery will be open from about 7pm-9pm tonight, 7pm-11pm tomorrow, and I believe 7pm-11pm Thursday. p.s. the next show opening in September has not yet been solidified. Open calls for artists remain! e:

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AMO Studios

We like this idea.Image

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