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algo differént POSTPONED; opens on November 9th!

Due to hurricane Sandy knocking out all subways from Manhattan to Brooklyn, the opening of algo differént will be rescheduled to open on Friday November 9th, along with the many other Bushwick galleries that planned to open this week. 

Meanwhile, if you reside in Brooklyn and have not yet ventured into the dark depths of lower Manhattan, I highly recommend it. Probably not alone, though. Here’s a teaser: half of the Williamsburg bridge is in darkness. Being surrounded by uninhabited buildings and silence in the world’s most important city is something you’ll probably never see again!

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If you have not yet seen the beautiful work of Christine Mahoney and Matthew Vollgraff up at Weeknights, stop by Tuesday or Wednesday night from 730-11pm! This is the last week to see the show!



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Friends of Friends featured in Bushwick Daily!

Yep! (maybe it helps that I’m a contributor…. all this says is that this art community rules)