algo differént POSTPONED; opens on November 9th!

Due to hurricane Sandy knocking out all subways from Manhattan to Brooklyn, the opening of algo differént will be rescheduled to open on Friday November 9th, along with the many other Bushwick galleries that planned to open this week. 

Meanwhile, if you reside in Brooklyn and have not yet ventured into the dark depths of lower Manhattan, I highly recommend it. Probably not alone, though. Here’s a teaser: half of the Williamsburg bridge is in darkness. Being surrounded by uninhabited buildings and silence in the world’s most important city is something you’ll probably never see again!

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algo differént images

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algo differént opening Friday Nov. 2!

Curated by Dianne Hebbert
Opening Fri. November 2, 7.30-10pm
On view Nov. 2 – Nov. 27, 2012
Open Tues-Weds 7.30-11pm


Algo is from the Spanish language meaning ‘something’ and différent is French for ‘different.’ The title represents the aesthetic and conceptual diversity within this group show, featuring four artists from Caribbean and Latin American descent. Weeknights is pleased to exhibit work created by artists part of such a rich culture that has inhabited and influenced so much of the city landscape we co-exist in.

Leo Castaneda, Born 1988, Cali, Colombia, is an interdisciplinary artist living in New York City. His works combine classical methods of illusionistic image-making with abstraction to create spaces that absorb the viewer. Castaneda then recreates events in his paintings and drawings using mediums such as interactive sculpture and performance, to engage his audience as participators rather than passive observers. Castaneda received his BFA from Cooper Union and is currently pursuing an MFA at Hunter College.

Juan Travieso is a Cuban painter currently pursuing his MFA at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.He creates meaningful work about the injustices happening in the world today. Some of his works touch on topics like endangered species, the radioactive situations that Japan and Chernobyl are fighting, unsafe energy plants, and the embrace of sustainable and renewable energies. Travieso uses saturated color to create realistic paintings with geometrically abstract additions.

Edwige Charlot is a Haitian French artist printmaker living and working in Portland, ME. She is inspired by processes of examination, inquisition, and reflection. Her artworks and projects attempt to reconcile and explore perceptions, assumptions, and bias. Edwige uses different methods of printmaking to create delicate pieces of art that contain three-dimensional elements.

Dianne Hebbert is a Nicaraguan American artist based in Brooklyn, New York, currently freelancing in production and arts administration. She creates narratives by combining figures and imagined environments. These art works are made with a variety of mediums including printmaking (etching), paint, ink, and charcoal.

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If you have not yet seen the beautiful work of Christine Mahoney and Matthew Vollgraff up at Weeknights, stop by Tuesday or Wednesday night from 730-11pm! This is the last week to see the show!



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micro/MACRO: Christine Mahoney & Matthew Vollgraff

Christine Mahoney & Matthew Vollgraff
Opening Reception Fri. Sept. 28, 2012. 7-10pm
Open Tues-Weds nights 7.30-11pm and by app.
On view until Oct. 28
Weeknights is pleased to present micro/MACRO, a two-person exhibition featuring paintings by Christine Mahoney and Drawings by Matthew Vollgraff. Each artist investigates, with extraordinary and obsessive detail, unnoticed and inarticulable aspects of human experience. If verbal communication ceased to exist and we were suddenly forced to interact and understand in utter silence, Mahoney’s work would serve as maps leading us to the next geographical destination, as well as the diaries of our distant memories, and Vollgraff’s drawings as an extensive and fascinating research into the limits and infinity of visual forms.
Christine Mahoney, Second Chance, 2012, oil on wood panel, 15.5 x 20″.
Christine Mahoney, North America and Other Lands, 2012, oil on wood panel, 15.5 x 20″.
Christine Mahoney, Home Maker, 2011, oil on wood, 5.5 x 24″.
“I’m observing instances from afar… they’re separate from me” Mahoney says of her paintings, hinting at a possible concern with landscape. The reflective, reactive paint, which sometimes alludes to a galactic expanse, is overlaid with lines and dots that vibrate, repeat, and always lead to a new place in the painting. There is a sense of traveling (literal and visual) which seems never-ending, and the space that exists far beyond the physical edges of the piece becomes a mysterious void, raising questions about familiarity and understanding. She is an observer documenting time and/or place, tempting the viewer to enter her perspective while allowing them to question their own.Vollgraff’s ink drawings initially read as microscopic organic forms, but upon closer inspection, they become fleeting abstractions of unidentifiable undulations. They are “explorations of the plentitude of microcosmic detail” says Vollgraff. They refuse to represent any specific, tangible object; they exist as “spontaneous morphological irruptions.” The forms are contained within the confines of the paper’s edges, but expand and dissolve outwards, alluding to an infinitesimal cosmos of marks and strokes whose forms coincide with their own vanishing point.
Matthew Vollgraff,  (detail), 2011, ink on paper, 11 x 14″.
Matthew Vollgraff, …., 2011, ink on paper, 11 x 14″.
Matthew Vollgraff, …. (detail), 2011, ink on paper, 11 x 14″.
Matthew Vollgraff (b. Cardiff, CA, 1987) is an artist and writer based in Brooklyn. His ink drawings and video-assemblages have exhibited in Berlin, Malmö, and Chicago. He received a B.A. in Comparative Literature from UC Berkeley, and is currently a graduate student in the department of German at Princeton University.Christine Mahoney (b. Westfield, NY, 1988) is a painter and artist assistant currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work has exhibited in NYC and New York State. She completed her BFA in Painting & Drawing from SUNY Purchase in 2011.
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Mention on BushwickDaily: Top 3 Summer Art Galleries

Weeknights is incredibly ecstatic to be mentioned on BushwickDaily’s list of best Summer Art Galleries!!

Read about it here.

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Sept. 28: Christine Mahoney and Matthew Vollgraff

Weeknights’ next show will be opening on Sept. 28, featuring the work of Christine Mahoney and Matthew Vollgraff. Both artists work with extraordinarily precise mark-making while exploring chance and organic forms, Mahoney primarily with paint and Vollgraff primarily with ink.

ImageChristine Mahoney, Growth and Chance, oil on wood, 12 x 12″

More work here


Matthew Vollgraff, ink on paper

More work here

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NOT EVERYDAY | Jen Hitchings at Sunset Surf Club

Check out Sunset Surf Club the weekend of Aug. 25+26th or Sept. 1+2nd to see NOT EVERYDAY, a solo show by Jen Hitchings, director of Weeknights.

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Photos from The Active Space Salon Exhibition

The Active Space had the opening of their Salon Show Exhibition, featuring mostly tenants from the building as well as previously shown artists, on Friday August 10th, while Weeknights had their closing party. Here are some photos from the reception!

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The current exhibition will have a closing party in conjunction with The Active Space’s salon show, featuring 9 of the artist tenants in the building! This will be worth it!!!



Closing Party Fri. Aug 10th in conjunction with the Salon Show Opening

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