January 4th – January 20th, 2013
Opening Reception Fri. January 4th, 7:30-10pm

Some may feel that winter in New York City is a particularly bleak and less than excitable time. A side affect can be reclusive and introspective behavior, especially amongst artists. What better prescription for those ailments than laughter and the obliteration of the serious and emotional barriers that can separate spectacularly hung art in pristine galleries and the general public?

Nick Greenwald . Carl Thibou . Julian Lorber . Peter Striffolino . Courtney Childress . Sean Flannigan . Angie Hughes . Lindsey Miscia . Steve Thomson & Cameron Blaylock . Jim Prez . Theresa Daddezio . Glenn Wonsettler . Andrew Sanchez . Joey Parlett . Adam Zucker . Ryan Bock . Mack Closmore . Sandra Cordero . Cereal Lab . Alden Stover . Matt Marello . Jim Torok . Christina Chobot . Lisa Levy . Andrew Birk . Ellisa Keller . Dave Beegun . Spencer Alexander . Jen Hitchings . Sessa Englund . Kenneth Murphy

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Friends of Friends

… is a group show of exactly that: friends, of friends, of friends. When presenting oneself with the task of hanging roughly 30 works by 22 artists, some of which have no formal training and have never exhibited their work in the past, amongst others who have been showing and selling for a number of years, one is presented with dozens of comparisons and thus the ability to see differences and similarities in the aesthetic of a generation, as all of the artists do have one thing in common: a social community. Most of these artists are, by default, connected by location as well (though two are currently based in Mexico.)

Please contact to inquire about any artwork below as they are all for sale and range from $1.75 – $875.00