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WEEKNIGHTS has now become Associated Gallery

ImageWe have some big news! WEEKNIGHTS is transitioning into Associated Gallery. Formerly run by Jen Hitchings in part of her rented studio space in Bushwick, Weeknights outgrew its location and potential, and needed to expand and take on more diverse exhibitions. Associated is an amalgamation of Jen Hitchings, Theresa Daddezio, and Julian Jimarez-Howard (also of Outlet Fine Art). The three artists and curatorial entrepreneurs have decided to join forces and collaboratively curate exhibitions in the same location that Weeknights has been, and on a slightly larger scale. We will emphasize exhibitions that challenge traditional notions of an art gallery, and at times intermix both visual and aural components, while showcasing emerging artists from Brooklyn and abroad.

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WEEKNIGHTS sincerely thanks all of those who have become involved with the gallery since August. Many amazing friendships and connections have been made through the art and artists who have passed through the space. We hope that all of these connections will remain strong and continue to growwith our new endeavor. Here are a few links to press we have received, and we’re still waiting for a big one: a review of Julian Kreimer: Coming and Going in Art in America!

Two Coats of Paint: Julian Kreimer’s “Coming and Going”

Bushwick Daily: WHY SO SERIOUS? Mentioned

Bushwick Daily, Editor’s Pick: Friends of Friends

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Julian Kreimer: Coming and Going closed / next update

Coming and Going by Julian Kreimer is now closed; if you did not get to see the exhibition or would like to discuss any of the works with us, please inquire via email.

WEEKNIGHTS will be transitioning into a slightly newer gallery, with more space and a new staff, beginning March 9th. Bushwick galleries will be open until 10pm that night, in conjunction with the Armory Show, and it will be our first night open as a new gallery. Stay tuned for more details including gallery name, contact, hours, and our first exhibition opening that night!

WEEKNIGHTS (Jen Hitchings) would like to thoroughly and sincerely thank all who have participated in the shows that have occurred since opening in August of 2012. We have been able to have 5 shows, all varying vastly in content, and in doing so have brought together many creative people of all ages and stages in their artistic careers. I say we because none of these interactions, sales, and fun could have happened without the support group that has grown throughout the time that this tiny exhibition space has functioned. We hope that you will all continue to stay in touch with us regarding our future endeavors.

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Julian Kreimer: Coming and Going

On view through February 20, 2013. Open Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 730-11pm, and by appointment. Email weeknightsgallery@gmail.com to make an appointment.

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Julian Kreimer: Coming and Going

Julian Kreimer

Coming and Going

January 25 – February 17, 2013

Opening reception January 25, 730-10pm

Stop Telling me About your Divorce, 2012, oil on linen, 24 x 24"

Stop Telling me About your Divorce, 2012, oil on linen, 24 x 24″

WEEKNIGHTS is pleased to present Julian Kreimer’s first solo show in New York, Coming and Going. For the past decade, Kreimer has been rhythmically making paintings from observation while also, at first in secrecy, painting abstractions. Coming and Going features both types of paintings, which may immediately seem vastly different in content, but when seen together relate like cousins.

Environments Kreimer finds himself amongst in transit can stop him in his tracks and later find their way into paintings. Negative space connects both types of work, whether it’s the squares formed in a chain-linked fence, or previous paintings only barely visible through newly applied layers in the abstractions.

The abstractions began as an exercise in color, not initially intended to become their own body of work, but as time went on, they started taking on aesthetic and technical qualities that the observational work, made on location, had been built upon. The paintings began informing each other, many times unknowingly at first. The muted color palette and linearity of mushrooms laid out to dry on a table can make their way into works consisting of large seemingly haphazard brushstrokes, layered and scraped away. The accuracy of color placement and representation of light in the observational paintings inform the abstractions, allowing both to exist as windows into environments either recognizable or contemplative.

Julian Kreimer is currently an Assistant Professor of Painting & Drawing/Art Theory & Criticism at Purchase College, SUNY and writes for Art in America. He has exhibited at RISD (Providence, RI), The Neuberger Museum of Art (Purchase, NY), Artists Space (New York, NY), Chelsea College of Art (London, UK), TSA (Philadelphia, PA), and Aljira Center for Contemporary Art (Newark, NJ), amongst others. He has received residencies from MacDowell and Yaddo, and has received numerous faculty and academic grants. He currently lives and paints in Brooklyn, NY.

More images and information about Julian can be found here: Julian Kreimer


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January 4th – January 20th, 2013
Opening Reception Fri. January 4th, 7:30-10pm

Some may feel that winter in New York City is a particularly bleak and less than excitable time. A side affect can be reclusive and introspective behavior, especially amongst artists. What better prescription for those ailments than laughter and the obliteration of the serious and emotional barriers that can separate spectacularly hung art in pristine galleries and the general public?

Nick Greenwald . Carl Thibou . Julian Lorber . Peter Striffolino . Courtney Childress . Sean Flannigan . Angie Hughes . Lindsey Miscia . Steve Thomson & Cameron Blaylock . Jim Prez . Theresa Daddezio . Glenn Wonsettler . Andrew Sanchez . Joey Parlett . Adam Zucker . Ryan Bock . Mack Closmore . Sandra Cordero . Cereal Lab . Alden Stover . Matt Marello . Jim Torok . Christina Chobot . Lisa Levy . Andrew Birk . Ellisa Keller . Dave Beegun . Spencer Alexander . Jen Hitchings . Sessa Englund . Kenneth Murphy

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WEEKNIGHTS will be closed this Tuesday and Wednesday the 20th and 21st for Thanksgiving. Next week we will reopen!

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algo différent Opening Reception

Here are some photos from the opening of algo différent! If you weren’t able to make it and would like to see the show, it’s open Tues-Weds thru the end of November (with the exception of 20th, 21st due to Thanksgiving vacation) or email weeknightsgallery [at] gmail.com to set up an appointment.

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algo differént POSTPONED; opens on November 9th!

Due to hurricane Sandy knocking out all subways from Manhattan to Brooklyn, the opening of algo differént will be rescheduled to open on Friday November 9th, along with the many other Bushwick galleries that planned to open this week. 

Meanwhile, if you reside in Brooklyn and have not yet ventured into the dark depths of lower Manhattan, I highly recommend it. Probably not alone, though. Here’s a teaser: half of the Williamsburg bridge is in darkness. Being surrounded by uninhabited buildings and silence in the world’s most important city is something you’ll probably never see again!

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algo differént images

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algo differént opening Friday Nov. 2!

Curated by Dianne Hebbert
Opening Fri. November 2, 7.30-10pm
On view Nov. 2 – Nov. 27, 2012
Open Tues-Weds 7.30-11pm


Algo is from the Spanish language meaning ‘something’ and différent is French for ‘different.’ The title represents the aesthetic and conceptual diversity within this group show, featuring four artists from Caribbean and Latin American descent. Weeknights is pleased to exhibit work created by artists part of such a rich culture that has inhabited and influenced so much of the city landscape we co-exist in.

Leo Castaneda, Born 1988, Cali, Colombia, is an interdisciplinary artist living in New York City. His works combine classical methods of illusionistic image-making with abstraction to create spaces that absorb the viewer. Castaneda then recreates events in his paintings and drawings using mediums such as interactive sculpture and performance, to engage his audience as participators rather than passive observers. Castaneda received his BFA from Cooper Union and is currently pursuing an MFA at Hunter College.

Juan Travieso is a Cuban painter currently pursuing his MFA at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.He creates meaningful work about the injustices happening in the world today. Some of his works touch on topics like endangered species, the radioactive situations that Japan and Chernobyl are fighting, unsafe energy plants, and the embrace of sustainable and renewable energies. Travieso uses saturated color to create realistic paintings with geometrically abstract additions.

Edwige Charlot is a Haitian French artist printmaker living and working in Portland, ME. She is inspired by processes of examination, inquisition, and reflection. Her artworks and projects attempt to reconcile and explore perceptions, assumptions, and bias. Edwige uses different methods of printmaking to create delicate pieces of art that contain three-dimensional elements.

Dianne Hebbert is a Nicaraguan American artist based in Brooklyn, New York, currently freelancing in production and arts administration. She creates narratives by combining figures and imagined environments. These art works are made with a variety of mediums including printmaking (etching), paint, ink, and charcoal.

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